YR Wednesday 20th May

Welcome to wonderful Wednesday yet again. We are already half way through the week and heading towards a very well deserved half term break! We wont be uploading any work next week as you have all worked so hard!!!!!

Today we are looking at the blend ‘st’. Write the words list, rest, test, fast, vest, best, nest, frost, coast, roast, toast and twist on a piece of paper and ask your child to draw the sound buttons. Remind them to look for the digraphs! (oa should have a sound line) Encourage your child to read the words by stretching the sounds and then blending them back together.
Using the attached worksheet (which you can print or just use on the screen) look at the picture and discuss what can be seen. Emphasise words which could be used that have the ‘st’ blend. Ask your child to write about the picture. Encourage them to think of one idea. This idea will be their first sentence. They should spell as independently as possible, using their basic code (letter line) and tricky words to help them. You may need to remind them to begin with a capital letter and end with a full stop. Once they have written their first sentence, they can write subsequent sentences in the same format, following on the same line after their first sentence ended but again beginning with a capital letter and ending with a full stop.

Play alien escape on phonics bloom, spelling the words to help the alien to escape. This is quite a tricky game so they will need their basic code (letter line) nearby!  Don’t forget you can always revisit the games from the previous weeks: 

To continue practising phase 3 sounds remember to use the following links: 

Reading; Read ‘I win’.  Don’t forget to look at our story videos….!

Some parents have mentioned that their child is confusing the letters b and d. Here is a link to a game that may help them to learn to differentiate between these letters. 

Maths: Place value Numbers to 20; Following on from yesterdays game of one more one less, and continuing to develop mathematical reasoning, play a game where you build a number for your child. Ask them the following questions: How many do I have? Make the number that is one more than mine. Make the number which is one less. If I make 12, can you make one more? What number comes after 20? And then? And then? Try with different numbers and encourage your child to talk about their ideas! 

Play shark numbers selecting numbers up to 20  Or continue to play Place value basketball selecting numbers up to 19 

PSED – Please see the attached ‘Returning to school Questionnaire EYFS’ which we would like to be completed by all children and parents by Thursday please.

Art and Physical Development: Make a bird nest with baby birds (see photo). You might want to use the idea in the photo but if you don’t have the resources, think about how you can make your representation, using what you have.

st sheet cvcc

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