YR Wednesday 1st April

Hello Everyone

Can you believe it’s April today!!!!! Today challenges are –

Physical development – Joe Wickes for a thorough work out or as a challenge can you make an assault course in your garden? What will you need? how will you do it? and more importantly can your grown up do it to?? We are also looking at exercise and the effects it has on our body? how do you feel before and after? how does your heart feel can you notice a difference? (There are lots of ideas online if you need inspiration)

Phonics – Our sound today is ee. Can you find it on your basic code? How many different words can you find with ee in. Can you write a silly sentence – Don’t forget your capital letter, finger spaces and full stops. Maybe you could write 2 sentences!

Reading – Please don’t forget to keep up with your reading books. I wonder if you could look at the Easter story today?

Maths – Following on from yesterday please could you go on a 3D shape hunt around your house – how many can you find? can you sort them into groups. Can you describe them – solid? how many sides etc… Please upload your pictures from this we’d love to see!

Art – We would like you to design an Easter Egg and send us the photograph – Please be as creative as you like!!!!

Lego challenge – to build a boat that floats in the bath 🚤

Knowledge and understanding of the world/ science- can you grow your own rainbow? The instructions are attached although a little small! We would love to see your pictures of rainbows! 🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈

Thank you for all your continued hard work and if you haven’t uploaded anything onto Tapestry then please do, we love seeing all of your home learning. 😊👦👧


(to see more clearly google Mrs BpriSTEM and you can find it under images)


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