YR Tuesday 31st March

Good Morning. We hope you are enjoying all of our challenges. Here are some more ideas for today.

Physical Development : Join Oti Mabuse for a dance session at 11.30am.

Phonics : Our sound today is ai. Can you find it on your basic code? Can you think of any words with the sound ai? Write a list of ai words and then try to put them into a silly sentence and draw a picture to go with it. Can you find any ai words in your story books?

Reading : Play yes or no yeti on (phase 3). Read the sentences and answer correctly to save the penguins. For a slightly easier game go to and choose pick a picture phase 3 sets 6-7, where your child will be able to read single words by segmenting and blending the sounds. Don’t forget to keep reading your books too!

Maths : 3D shapes – Show your child a collection of 3d shapes (a tin can – cylinder, a cereal box – cuboid, a ball – sphere, a party hat – cone, a dice – cube, and a pyramid if you can find one!). Explain that 3d means that they are solid or not flat. Ask them to look at the shape and describe it to you. What can it do? Can it roll? Can it stack? Can they find something else that is the same shape? Tell them it’s name if they do not know it. Look at the shape of it’s faces and count them, the number of edges and vertices (corners). Play a game where you describe one of the shapes and your child has to name and find which one. Reverse roles so that your child can provide the description for you to find the shape. Using your playdough, can you make the shapes? Which are the easiest to make and which are the hardest and why?

Physical development – Health and self care : Encourage your child to help to prepare lunch. Ask them to talk to you about the food items they have chosen. Have they got a balance of nutrients? Which are the healthy foods? Which are the foods that are not so good for us and why? Can they sort the foods into two groups, healthy and not healthy? Play Kim’s game – Place a selection of items on a tray and give your child a minute to look at them and remember what’s on the tray. Cover them with a cloth and secretly remove one item. Take off the cloth to reveal the items. Can your child spot the item that is missing?

Art : Look at Easter toilet tube art for children on the internet. Can you make a toilet tube decoration for Easter? (You can sterilize your tubes by popping them in the microwave to kill the bacteria)

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