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Good Morning. Here are your activities for today.

Today we are looking at the blend ‘nd’. Write the words and, end, send, hand, band, pond, lend, bend and mend on a piece of paper and ask your child to write the sound buttons. Look at the word ‘friend’ and notice how the ‘ie’ makes the sound /e/. Remind your child that the consonant blend will have a sound button under each sound as they are separate phonemes even though they are blended together when we read them. Encourage your child to read the words, ‘stretching the sounds and then blending them together.

Using the attached worksheet (which you can print or just use on screen) look at the picture. Discuss what can be seen in the picture and emphasise the words with the ‘nd’ blend that could be used when talking about the picture. Encourage your child to write about the picture. Wherever possible this writing should be as independent as possible. It is important that your child uses their phonetic knowledge to spell, however, you should encourage the correct spelling of the tricky words on their phase 2 and 3 wordlist (phase 4 for those going onto this stage)

Play ‘blending bingo’ and select game 14 cvcc. You can print out the bingo cards or copy them onto paper. Keep the spares so that you can practise this same game throughout the week or at a later date. 

To continue practising phase 3 sounds remember to use the following links: 

Reading; Try some Reading eggs or Teach your monster to read.

Don’t forget our story time page……

Maths: Place Value Numbers to 20; Play ‘Race to 20’. Each player will need a number track to 20 (see photo). Take turns to roll a dice. If it lands on 1-5 you can collect that many counters and begin to fill your track, but if you roll a 6 you have to go back to the start!

Play Place value basket ball. Please make sure you choose Numbers up to 19.  Notice how it shows the ten and the ones. Encourage your child to use this, counting on from the ten if they need to but not counting 1, 2, 3 etc up to 10. They should recognise that this long stick of bricks is 10.

Art; While on your daily walk or out in your garden collect some sticks. Are they all the same length? Can you order them from longest to shortest? Paint them or cover them in tissue paper and make a rainbow picture. (see photo)

Knowledge and Understanding of the World; Mapping; Can you make your own map of an imaginary town? What will you have in your town? (a school, shops, a church, a swimming pool, a pond, a play park….) How will you draw this on your map? Maybe you could make it on a giant piece of card and use it to play with your cars or toy figures. (see photo)

nd sheet

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