YR Other Activities for week commencing 6th July

The following activities will take place in school so you will only need to do these if your child is not returning to school.

RE: See Thoughts on a Beanseed sheet Science: Grow a bean in a jar – Follow the steps on the following link to set up a Bean in a jar. By planting it in a jar your child will be able to observe exactly how the bean grows.  Physical Development: Play the Bean Game. When the adult calls out a type of bean, the child performs the correct action. You can choose a selection of the beans below: • String beans – stretch up as high as you can. • Broad beans – make yourself as wide as you can. • Runner beans – run on the spot. • Jumping beans – jump on the spot. • Jelly beans – shake your whole body like Jelly. • Baked beans – wipe your brow and say ‘Phew!’ • Beans on toast – lie flat on the floor. • Chilli beans – shiver as though you are very cold. • Mr Bean – Shrug your shoulders and make a confused face. • Beanie baby – suck on your thumb. • Human beans – exclaim, ‘to bean or not to bean!’ • Bean bags – huddle in a ball on the floor. • French beans – kick your legs can-can style and say ‘ooh La La ‘. PSED/Art: Talk to your child about the word ‘nurture’ and what it means. Ask them to think about the people who have nurtured them. How have they done this? Make a thank you card for someone who has nurtured you, to say thank you for protecting and caring for you. Watch the story ‘No matter what’ by Debi Gliori 

Other Activities for all children. Please choose a selection of these activities.

Bubble Art: Let your child make some bubble mixture using water and washing up liquid. Add a few drops of food colouring to each pot to make various colours. Using a bubble wand (which can be made from a pipe cleaner if you don’t have one), blow bubbles onto a piece of paper and watch your art appear. What shapes does it make? What happens when two colours mix?

Colour hunt: Paint a different colour in the base of an egg box. Goon a colour hunt, finding things that match each colour.

Expressive Arts and Design/Understanding the world: Make a mud pie! What ingredients will you add to your pie? (stones, leaves, flowers, twigs etc.) What type of pie will it be? What happens to the texture when you mix ingredients together? Can you write the list of ingredients and recipe?

Understanding the world (Science)/Art: Build your own flower: Begin by collecting some flowers and dissecting them into their smallest parts, petals, stems, leaves, stamen etc. Have a look at each of the parts and talk about what they do. Encourage your child to use all of the parts to make their own flower. You could provide them with some tweezers with which to pick up all the little bits which will help to develop their fine motor skills.

(Alternatively, you could use loose parts such as nuts and bolts to build a picture!)

Create a vase or rainbow of flowers. Begin by drawing your vase or rainbow on a piece of thick cardboard. Make some holes using a pencil in the cardboard, in and above the vase or in arches for each colour of the rainbow. Go for a walk and pick some of the wildflowers that you find (please be mindful of which you pick as some are prohibited) or flowers in your own garden and place them in your vase or rainbow.

Bendy frog: Make your own frog with concertina legs to make him look springy!

Thoughts on a Beanseed


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