YR Literacy activities for week commencing 6th July

This week we will be focussing on re-capping the phase 3 phonics. I have created a PowerPoint for each day which has a link for running through all of the sounds as this is how we always start phonics. Each of these PowerPoints can be repeated if your child needs more practise in order to ensure that they will be secure with all of these sounds and ready for Year 1.
To run through the PowerPoints:
Slide 1: (Making sure your child is focussed and ready to learn) “Are your ears listening, eyes looking and brain switched on?
Slide 2: Use the link to run through the flash cards for phase 3 sounds.
Slides 3-5: Read the tricky word bugs.
Slide 6: Make sure you have your basic code beside you and repeat the sentence at the top; “This is our basic code. It is a tool for writing.”
Slide 7-9: Introduce each of the sounds and find where they are on your basic code, looking at the picture and identifying the sound within the word for each picture. (This will help your child to remember where to find it when they need the sound)
Slide 10-13: Read each of the words.
Slide 14: Read the monster words. (These are nonsense words to check that your child can blend the phonemes)
Slide 15: Read the words. Sound buttons will appear as you press the forward button. Encourage your child to say the sounds with each of the sound buttons and then blend the word.
Slide 16: Encourage your child to write the word for each picture. There is one picture for each of the days sounds.
Slide 17: Your child should read the sentence. Tricky words are in green with the days sounds in red and other digraphs or trigraphs in blue.
Slide 18: Shows a picture to go with the sentence.

(Please access the poweroints via tapestry on the web site.  You will not be able to access them on the app)

Video for phase 3 sound pronunciation 

Tricky words song 

We would also like to see that your child is still practising their writing skills and spelling independently for themselves (not copying out writing). I have included some pictures from well known stories as a stimulus. Your child can write their own version of the story or a sentence or two, depending on their ability. Alternatively, they can make up their own story without any particular picture stimulus. Encourage them to illustrate their story too! We want to see what they can do independently!

Handwriting: This week we will be practising our last 4 letters. They are v, w, x and z. They are quite difficult so it might be best to concentrate on one each day. Remember, they must all sit on the line!

Interactive games: Please choose your favourite games from the following websites 

Reading: Please continue to play ‘Reading eggs’ or ‘Teach your monster to read’. On epic books (sign up is free for 30 days), Listen to the story/song of Pinnochio  and read the story of ‘The Three Frilly Goats Fluff’. (Your child will need support with some of the words) 

Don’t forget the reading games on phonics bloom 

Play the words and pictures game on the attached PowerPoint. There are two version of this game which are accessed from the second slide. You can choose ‘get ready to draw’ where your child reads the word and draws the picture, or ‘get ready to write’ where they see a picture and write the word to go with it.
You can choose the phase 2 version of the game or phase 3, depending on how confident your child is with reading and phonics.

I have also included some early reading comprehension sheets. Your child should read it independently and follow the instructions. Please remind them to place sound buttons if they are struggling with a word.

I have still been uploading story videos for those of you that are enjoying listening to them.

Phase 3 Spelling Activity – Precursive


Recap ai ee igh

Animal Early Reading Comprehension

Early Reading Comprehension Activity

Transport Early Reading Comprehension



Words and Pictures game phase 2

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