Jan 10 2023

Year 3- Forest school day

Year 3 have had a lovely day today at Forest School with Mrs Nurcombe. We participated in four activities including Mandala Art, tree clay faces, We made wooden hedgehogs and made our own Harry Potter Whittle wands. Here are some pictures from our amazing day.

Mandala art.

In the Ancient language of Hinduism and Buddhism, mandala means circle. Traditionally, a mandala is geometric design or pattern that represents the cosmos or deities in varies heavenly words. Its all about finding peace in the symmetry of the design and the universe.


Tree clay faces

We created our own clay faces and added natural materials to add detail to our faces.

Wooden hedgehog’s.

We had to use tools carefully when making our own wooden hedgehogs.

Harry Potter Whittle wands

We had to use the peelers carefully whist whittling.


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