Nov 05 2019

WOW! Starter- How do Polar Bears keep warm?

What an exciting start with have had to our new topic today. We have been visited by Eddie the Explorer. In year 1 this half term we will be looking at life at the North and South Poles and will be looking at the role of an explorer.

Today we discovered what an explorer wears  when visiting Polar regions and why. Did you know that Eddie wore three pairs of gloves and socks to keep himself warm and to make sure that he didn’t get frostbite?

Eddie told us that Polar Bears are the largest meat eating animal on the planet and did you know that beneath Polar bears white fur they have black skin that helps to keep them warm?

The children had the opportunity to dress up in some of Eddie the Explorers arctic clothes and to dress up as some of the animals that he found in the Polar regions.

Eddie then shared one of his favourite stories about an old lady who befriended a baby polar bear and we learnt a new Polar Bear rhyme.


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