Science Week!

It was all fun and excitement when Science week kicked off on Monday 3rd February with a whole school science assembly. The theme for the week, Journeys and Travel, was introduced and the children were told how, by the end of the week, they would be able to make raisins dance, water walk and paper move independently- all by the power of science.
Our first activity of the week was a whole school activity. All the children were placed in a class with mixed ages of children from Foundation to Year 6. The children worked collaboratively and industriously to produce a very long Kinetic Cobra made from lolly sticks. There was much excitement when after making it, it was triggered and wound its way around the school. Apart from having fun the children learnt about working collaboratively, persevering, repeating patterns, parallel lines, acute and obtuse angles, potential and stored energy and kinetic energy.
As the week progressed the children did indeed learn how to make raisins dance, water walk and paper move independently along with making hot-air balloons, soap boats and rockets. It was fun with a lot of learning along the way.

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