Nov 14 2019

REAL Legacy!

We are very excited to announce that for the next two years, our school will be part of the “REAL Legacy” programme, linking with SASP and Create Development. This programme is specifically designed to allow children the opportunity to improve their “multi-abilities” e.g. social and personal skills through REAL PE, take part in REAL Leaders (Years 5 and 6), REAL Gym, REAL Play and allow teachers the opportunity for regular CPD opportunities. Please see below for a write up about this from SASP in their Autumn newsletter.

This is a really exciting time for all things PE!

Here’s some more information about REAL Legacy:


New ‘real legacy’ School in Somerset

St. John and St. Francis Church School

St. John and St. Francis Church School in Bridgwater has become the latest school to invest in the ‘real legacy’ project demonstrating both a commitment to the development of their staff and also to their children. The real legacy package involves a two year programme of support where schools clearly define the INTENT of their PE offer. The IMPLEMENTATION takes place through teacher CPD and team teach sessions to provide staff with all they need to deliver outstanding PE to their children. The IMPACT is confirmed through a detailed impact report that is completed by SASP and Create Development. The school can then share this with senior leaders, governors and OFSTED. If your school is interested in real legacy, please click on the ‘real legacy’ icon to find out more!


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