At St John and St Francis Church School, we aim for every child to make progress through fostering a love of reading.  We do this through our agreed reading offer for all children:

Reading for pleasure – Children can enjoy reading purely for reading’s sake by:

  • A class shared text daily
  • Opportunities for outdoor reading at lunchtimes and breaktimes undercover (KS2 reading buddies/ambassadors)
  • Using high quality texts
  • Opportunities for quiet reading in class throughout the week
  • Free Reading Fridays across the school where children can bring any text that interests them to read

Range of texts – Children are encouraged to explore a range of genres, authors and complexity of texts by:

  • Using Accelerated Reader from year 1 upwards to give children access to quizzes and a drive to complete books.
  •  Using a range of age appropriate texts
  • Within guided reading a mixture of different genres will be used and questioning will be used that will challenge the children and include a range of question types to suit the text.

Shared reading – Children have opportunities to share texts, talk about books, read to others and be read to.

  • At St John and St Francis Church School, shared reading involves the teacher sharing an age appropriate class text for at least 10 minutes each day in KS1 and 15 minutes in KS2 .

Active engagement – Children engage with texts through drama, role play, models, film by:

  • Guided reading will take place throughout the week in the following format:
  • Whole class comprehension (teaching of skills and written responses) 1 x session weekly minimum of 20-30 minutes in KS1, 30 minutes in LKS2 and 40 minutes in UKS2
  • 3 x a week guided reading sessions (20 minute sessions)

Positive role models – Adults engage in reading themselves and talk about the books they have read

  • Adults modelling reading within reading for pleasure time
  • Older and younger classes are buddied up to take part in joint reading sessions
  • Share a Story Sessions weekly with Parents

Daily reading experiences – All children and adults have an exposure to a reading-based activity for 20-30 minutes every day:

  • Each day there will be at least one activity linked to the above expectations that children have access to on top of the daily shared reading.