Oct 06 2018

Reading in Wrens

Just to keep you in the know about how your child is learning to read at school.

The yellow spelling book contains words that your children should be able to sound out and with some support blend into words eg. sat, at, it etc.  There is no expectation that your child writes these words, but if they are keen don’t stop them!  We will give them new words when they have learnt all or most of those they already have.

The phonics sheets coming home will keep you informed of the sounds your child is learning in the classroom. You can keep these at home and use them to help your child remember.

Some children are now bringing home books with simple words in them.  They may be able to read a little, find a word, or sounds they know.  Alternatively you can read while they listen, or try to follow the words with a finger.  If your child hasn’t got words yet, don’t panic.  Everyone learns at different rates.

The children have now been introduced to all the sounds in phase 2, some will remember them, others will need to continue to learn them.  For the next couple of weeks we will be consolidating those sounds and spending our phonics sessions blending simple words, learning tricky words and reading short captions.

Your child will be given a bookmark that has the phase 2 tricky words on it.  However much you sound these out they will never read in a phonetic way.  Your child will need to learn them by sight, seeing them frequently, spotting them in their reading and reading them from the bookmark.  I don’t mind spending a rainy Saturday making these, but please use them to help your child grow in reading confidence.

Lastly if you have found this blog up and running please let others know (perhaps through your facebook page?)  Feel free to comment, ask questions etc.  It’s nice to know people are looking here from time to time!

Thank you

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