Nurse visit

Last week we were visited by Nurse Amy and her friend Sam who is a health care assistant.  They spoke to us about keeping healthy and how doctors, nurses and paramedics might help us.  We investigated how germs can spread by putting out hands in flour (the germs) and seeing how it spread on everything we touched.  We were then taught how to wash our hands properly, linking fingers and washing right up to our wrists.  We also learned what to do if a young child is choking.  We should firstly shout for help and then give them a hard slap on the back.  We had a go with a special doll that the nurses use when they are training.  We listened to Amy’s heart beat through a stethoscope and she even bandaged us up!  We had a really busy afternoon but it was so much fun!

Follow the link to sing along to Miss Molly had a dolly

Brush your teeth song

Washing hands video and game

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