Here is how our reading system works at St John and St Francis.


The children pictured below are part of a prestigious group of readers at our school. They have all read at least 1,000,000 words this year from the quizzes that they have taken.  The leader board looks like this as of the end of the year:


Name Quizzes taken this year Total words read
Lucy Halley 72 2.837 million
Cameron Lane 38 2.755 million
Isabella Henley 50 1.674 million
Tristan Onslow 22 1.593 million
Harley Potter 26 1.379 million
Jacob Roach 23 1.236 million
James Payne 70 1.184 million
Ashton Onslow 46 1.152 million
Phoebe Meacham 38 1.084 million
Jono Hayes 23 1.052 million
Damian Palka 122 1.034 million
Harrison Henley 112 1.003 million