May 05 2022

Maths Club -making playdough

This week in maths club we made playdough.  Where’s the maths in that?  We began by discussing that exact question and the children were unsure, so we watched a video.  The children noticed that shape featured heavily when the playdough was being played with.  We discussed how the ingredients had to be measured so that the playdough would not end up too wet or too dry!  Next we looked at a recipe and noticed that there were measurements in the list of ingredients.  The children noticed ml and identified this as millilitres.  They also noticed tbsp….what could this mean?  Mrs Legg explained that it was tablespoon and we discussed how different spoons were different sizes, with a tablespoon being a large spoon.  We read the ingredients and followed the instructions carefully to make playdough, but there was a problem!  The recipe said ‘1 cup’ or ‘2 cups’ but our measuring cups were marked with 1/2, 1/3 and 1/4 cup.  We then had to work out how many we would need to make a whole or 1 cup.  Great mathematics don’t you think?  The maths didn’t stop there.  Once we had made our dough, the children had to share it fairly between their group.  One group shared between 6 and recognised each quantity as 1/6 of the whole.  The other group shared between 8 by halving, halving and halving again to make eighths.  We then manipulated our dough into different shapes to create our own little models.

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