Oct 21 2018

Looking for creative people

In our classrooms we have a small selection of storysacks that we share with the children throughout the year.  Some of these have been well loved and used and as a result are missing some of the necessary items to make storytelling successful.

We are looking for a few people that would like to take a sack away, wash it, tidy it, add the missing components and return it to school. There is no requirement that you spend lots of money, or that this should take too long.  Items may well be lying around in your home already and are certainly hiding in charity shops and car boot sales.

If you have a family or friend that sews or knits perhaps they would like to help you.

Storysacks generally contain:

The storybook

The characters

Some simple scenery and props

A game that relates to the book

A non fiction text that relates to the book

Adding some or all of these items would be really helpful.

Below are some pictures of the sacks we already have and some ideas for a couple of new ones.

If you think you can help please pop into Wren Class and take one away.

Thank you

This is one I have made so no work required, but I thought it would help you see it doesn’t have to be complicated

This is a well used resource, but currently is just a book. Anyone fancy creating a whole new sack and contents?

Next term’s first story, anyone want this one?

Pretty much complete, but needs a bit of cleaning up

This one looks complete, but needs a clean please

Just a few bits required and a clean up please

Seem to only have 2 dinosaurs in this one. Anyone able to add some more?

Mouse seems to have run away from the big hungry bear, anyone want this bag to sort out?

Pretty complete really, but a clean and tidy up would be nice

Just a book at the moment, but would love it to be a storysack!

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