We are fortunate here at St John and St Francis to have a school site that offers diverse opportunities for all our children. We provide outdoor leaning experiences for all our children each week. These vary, from Forest School style learning, to gardening and looking after our school grounds.

The benefits of children learning outside the classroom have been proven in recent years and we certainly see the children gain in confidence and independence over their time with us.

Their visits start in the reception classes and continue throughout their time with us. Sessions are planned by the class teachers and led by either the teacher or our Forest School Leader, supported by teaching assistants.

Sometimes the sessions are based on work going on in the classroom, but at other times it will be to meet the needs of the particular class. Whatever the focus, and whatever the weather, we go outside and celebrate our amazing world.

This outdoor opportunity allows children more freedom to follow their own ideas and interests in a less structured way. The outcome of a session is rarely the focus, but the process is crucial in developing skills that are transferred back into other areas of learning.

The children look forward to their outdoor learning and the smiling faces and happy chatter are a great measure of their popularity.

Children keep a bag of old clothes and some boots in school which enables them to access all experiences without the worry of spoiling school uniform or new shoes.

We hope your child enjoys these exciting times, we enjoy providing them.