Oct 21 2018

Funky Fingers

Funky Fingers is a growing idea introduced into early years sessions for the development of fine motor control and co-ordination.  There is a useful blog here

In our classroom we use funky fingers in two ways:

Each the day the children rotate around a range of activities that promote the skills they need to develop.  They spend about 10 minutes at their task, where they are encouraged to concentrate and try, even if it is tricky.  These activities can be used in any way the child likes and are recorded by outcome, or if it is a process by photos.

There are also opportunities set up daily for the children to access in their independent time.

Searching the phrase ‘Funky Fingers’ online or in Pinterest will lead you to a world full of little activities you can do with your child at home!  Have fun and share whatever you get up to please!

Cutting skills

Sorting glass marbles and pebbles

Mark making

Using chopsticks

Picking up marbles with a tea spoon

Threading beads onto a shoe lace

Even a simple colouring sheet

Sorting matchsticks using tweezers




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