EAL assessment and provision at SJSF

  • Carry out baseline assessment using SSE EAL Skills Framework Diagnostic – Writing Diagnostic Grid (for new to English speaking schools).
  • Using ‘The EAL Skills Framework’ progress guide, carry out a ‘best fit’ for each EAL pupil to ascertain where each EAL pupil is in terms of: Listening and Understanding, Speaking, Reading and Writing.
  • Using ‘The EAL Skills Framework’ set EAL targets for each of the areas above using the ‘bank of targets’ document.
  • There are a range of strategies for each target on ‘The EAL Skills Framework’ strategies reference document to support staff in working on the targets set for each EAL pupil.
  • Resources– there are a range of resources for staff to support EAL pupils on Sharepoint, SJSF-School, EAL folder and there is also a guide to resources for supporting student learning resource suggestions in each Class green EAL folder.
  • Also, as a school, we currently support EAL pupils using:

Communicate in Print

Visual aids

QFT – Class adult support (LSA or CT)

Paired work with non-EAL pupils

Pre-teach new vocabulary

Phonics intervention (1:1 or small group)

Toe by Toe (support for reading and spelling)

Twinkl resources

Digital dialects

British Council website

Racing to English

ema-tas writing resources for B-C and C-D pupils

  • LSA EAL specific interventions to be added in to our provision eg time to talk as per the need of each EAL pupil. Once assessments have been carried out the EAL Lead to be notified of who needs EAL specific LSA interventions.
  • Targets set will be monitored and reviewed termly as part of Pupil Progress Meetings.