St John and St. Francis Church School has very close links with its two parent parishes: St John’s in the centre of Bridgwater where the school was first built in 1846 and St. Francis in the area of growing estates where it was re-sited in 1976.

The school premises have grown considerably since moving to the site.  The original building was extended in 1993, with the addition of a library, a small hall, three new classrooms  and a new staff room. These facilities have significantly improved our school.

During 1998, the teaching space in the original building was improved by extending some of the classrooms and by covering the central courtyard to create an ICT suite.

The school grounds have been improved with a gym trail, pirate ship and climbing wall. There is a quiet area with picnic tables and for reception outdoor play.

We have also developed a pond and sensory garden area.

We are always looking to improve our school environment to enhance the learning for all of our children.