The School Council is a really important part of our school community. Each year a child from year 1 to year 6 from each class is voted for by their peers to represent their views and help to make decisions within the school.

Children are voted for in a democratic process that involves them sharing why they want to be part of the school council. The class then votes for their selected representative and this is shared with the whole school.

We meet twice a half term to discuss a range of issues and create new projects. We have recently created and have been promoting whole school creative homework projects. This has been linked to a range of themes such as Christmas, Spring and Children in Need. Children’s work is then celebrated and rewarded which creates a real sense of pride.

The School Council also help with larger decisions such as staff recruitment, new policies and changes within the school. It’s a really important responsibility being part of the team as the children need to be excellent role models and the voice of their class.

Each year we strive to become more involved in different aspects of school life and are always open to suggestions.