Dec 03 2019

Bristol Zoo trip.

What a wonderful day we have had today at Bristol zoo! Whilst we were there we met an explorer who took us to the polar regions. She had to wrap up warm so she didn’t get frostbite. Did you know that it is so cold there that it is colder than your freezer at home. She had to wear 6 tops and 4 pairs of trousers! She wore 3 pairs of socks inside her special boots called mukluks. We met some animals that live in cold places and learnt about how Emperor Penguins look after their babies. We even dressed up as penguins and pretended we were in the winter time in Antarctica, we had to huddle together to keep warm. After we had lunch in the amazing jungle room we went to see some real live penguins and seals. No trip to the zoo is complete without seeing the monkeys and the roaring lion. Thank you to the adults who gave up their time today to accompany us. We hope they enjoyed it as much as we did. We thought you’d like to see what we got up to on our visit to the zoo so take a look at our photos and see what a great time we had.

Best wishes

Mrs Marriott and Mrs Edwards

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