Book Day 2020

Good morning,

We have had a few questions about Book Day costumes for tomorrow. Our English Leaders have worked hard to plan our writing week, which incorporates Book Day this year, and is around the theme of fairytales and traditional tales to inspire children in their writing.

Homework before half-term was focused on this theme, and at the start of this week staff dressed up and retold the story of Red Riding Hood.

Fairy stories and traditional tales would include stories such as Jack and the Beanstalk, Robin Hood, Alice in Wonderland (with lots of interesting characters), Peter Pan (which would include Pirates) George and the Dragon, Wizards, Wizard of Oz, King Arthur & the Knights, and lots more.

We gave as much notice as we could by putting it in the newsletter 4 weeks ago. Some children have said that they would prefer not to dress up and we respect that, in which case children should come to school in normal school uniform.

We are keen for all children to take part and hope that the ideas above might give you some more suggestions if you are still unsure.


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