Jul 19 2022

A Hot day Out At Carrymoor

What a happy, hot day we have had today!

After a snack and a cool down after arriving, we set off for the round house which was luckily a very cool place to be! We were all given a picture of a mini beast and our host, Beth, asked us some questions. If our bug matched we stood up. All the creatures could be found at Carymoor and we couldn’t wait to find some. A bug hunt in the shade of the trees revealed all sorts of animals including a froghopper beetles and a tiny moth!

After that we ventured through the woods to the pond where we found some water creatures including whirlygig beetles, water boatmen, nymphs and even some newts!

We were glad to sit and have our lunch before we used clay to create our own mini beasts.

Thank you to all our adult helpers.


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